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The Wrighter


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Your **next writing companion,**

feature packed!

The Features


wrights are your markdown articles written with wrighter's powerful editor


bites are short blob of information(links, images, markdown snippets) that you can jot down anytime

Wrighter Editor

powerful WYSIWYM(what you see is what you mean) markdown editor, designed for productivty

Command Bar

central command bar to control wrighter in a few keystrokes (Ctrl/⌘+Shift+P), can't find it? just search for it!

Extremely Reliable

you can signup to wrighter, it autosaves regularly both on device and cloud, preventing data loss

Optional Signup

you can use wrighter without even signing up, no data leaves your browser, super private


use tags to organize your content and easily find them through the content tree

Attach Bite in Wright

attach/embed your bites in the wrights using the command bar


wrighter supports both GFM and KaTeX syntax for formatting & scientific writing

Mobile Friendly

wrighter is designed to be mobile friendly, so you can use it anywhere, anytime on any device


wrighter has dark/light modes, you can switch anytime whenever you prefer

Publish a Wright

write and publish wrights and share them with the world with an SEO friendly URL

The Viewer

published wrights are designed for cosy reading, minimal design and maximal functionality

Minimal UI

wrighter's design system & colors are creafted with simplicity and minimalism in mind

Smart Commands

command bar knows what you want to search and gives suggestions based on the context

Handy Shortcuts

you can use shortcuts used in other editors in the wrighter editor and it will just work

Code Highlighting

wrighter supports syntax highlighting for all common programming languages

Focus Mode

focus mode allows you to write without any kind of distractions

Export anytime

you can download your wrights at anytime you want as markdown

...and more features

even more features to make ideation & writing easier and faster for you

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made byVishal TK.Read more about ithereorhere

Wrighter - A modern markdown editor & writing companion | Product Hunt